Family Photos and Memoirs

Take a walk down memory lane and learn a little Johnson Family history through these photos and memoirs.

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Philip & Wylie, 1922
(aka "The Little Watermelon Thieves")


Margaret Helen "Margie" Berkstresser Johnson and her two oldest children Kiersten Lea
and Clark Randall Johnson enjoy a photo-op with former President Jimmy Carter.

We had just moved to GA and JR (my husband..aka SMSgt Warren C. Johnson, Jr Retired) (as of 1 Nov 11) was deployed to Irag to do a 1 year Joint Commission with the U. S. Army at Camp Taji training the Iraqi Army. The base here provided a free trip for deployed family members to take a train, "Sam Short Line" and meet former Pres. Carter in March of 2008.

 I left Zachary (then only a 3 months old) with a sitter and took the older two children on the adventure. We stopped and ate lunch and then had peanut ice cream and former Pres. Carter came to the park area where the train station was to do a photo op. with the families. We had to paired off in our individual groups in a circle like area with an area left open for the secret service who told us to smile and not to engage him in conversation.

The kids loved the train ride more than anything in this world. It was a great day and helped to make us feel special during a very hard time.